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ICAC Public Inquiry To Examine University of Sydney, Security Contractors

NSW’S Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will hold a public inquiry into allegations concerning contract security services provided to the University of Sydney.

ICAC is investigating whether, since January 2009, staff from Sydney Night Patrol & Inquiry Co (SNP Security) and/or its subcontractor, S International Group Pty Ltd (SIG), dishonestly obtained a financial benefit from the University of Sydney while providing contracted security services by creating false entries on daily time sheets and submitting these for payment.

The ICAC is also investigating whether any University of Sydney employee dishonestly obtained a financial benefit from, or acted partially in, exercising their public official functions for the benefit of SNP Security and/or SIG and/or any of their employees.

The Commission is also examining whether SNP Security, SIG and/or any of their employees engaged in conduct that, or could have, adversely affected the exercise of official functions by the University and/or any of its employees, and which could have involved bribery and/or fraud.

Further, the ICAC is examining whether any employee of the University, SNP Security and/or SIG engaged in conduct that impaired, or could impair, public confidence in public administration because it involved dishonestly obtaining, assisting in obtaining or dishonestly benefiting from, the payment or application of public funds for private advantage. The public notice is available here.

ICAC is an independent agency of the Government of New South Wales, is responsible for eliminating and investigating corrupt activities and enhancing the integrity of the public administration in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Peak industry body ASIAL said it would monitor the public inquiry being conducted by the ICAC and will await the findings of ‘Operation Gerda’ and its recommendations.


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