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Icon Water Facilities Security Management

Icon Water Facilities Security Management

♦ Icon Water facilities security management of CCTV and access control across 300 sites in ACT and NSW have been put to private tender.

Icon Water is a water and wastewater public utility owned by the Australian Capital Territory that provides ACT its drinking water and wastewater services.

Icon Water’s current facilities management and security systems are provided by ActewAGL under the Corporate Services Agreement (CSA) which is due to expire in June 2023.

To ensure continuity beyond June 2023, Icon Water is approaching the market for a holistic provider for ongoing facilities management services for an approximate total of 300 sites located in the ACT, and a small number of sites located in NSW.

Sites include a mixture of corporate offices, water and sewage treatment plants and assets including dams, pump stations, reservoirs and monitoring sites maintenance, and support of the security systems and assets, including CCTV, monitoring and access control systems.

Through this Request for Information, Icon Water is seeking to better understand respondents’ ability to deliver the detailed requirements and inform Icon Water’s future business and procurement decisions.

This tender closes July 4 – you can find out more here.

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