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ICT Protege 4G Modem

ICT Protege 4G Modem

♦ ICT Protege 4G modem has been released and operates over cellular networks to provide a reliable and secure, primary or backup reporting path for USB-enabled Protege controllers.

The DIN rail modem ensures that if hardwired network infrastructure is unavailable, monitoring stations will continue to receive critical updates and alarm reports. It’s also perfect for off-grid applications.

The modem provides reliable and secure cellular communication to any USB enabled Protege GX or WX controller, alongside a suitable SIM card. Using the included SMA antenna, you can increase the strength of the 4G connection. Being a DIN rail product, the module is plug and play with no wires.

When used with a Protege GX controller, as long as there is cellular coverage, users can still manually control doors, as well as arm and disarm areas. ICT Protege 4G modem can also send event updates from a Protege GX controller to the event database. Meanwhile, the continuous connection detection and automatic fail reset means users are quickly notified if there are any problems. This can be set up as a push notification, ensuring that no matter where users are, they’ll receive an alert immediately.

ICT Protege 4G modem works with any of the ReportIP service protocols to communicate with and match that of the central monitoring station, but ICT recommends using its ArmorIP protocol for added encryption and to receive push notifications.

According to ICT, ArmorIP has the added benefit of transmitting additional information where available, such as panel name, event time, serial number, username, and more. If the station is using the ArmorIP software, operators see this data – including the names of users, areas, and inputs – as it is seen by people on site, avoiding mismatches.

With Protege GX, users can enable cross-controller communication through a single cellular modem. By linking all controllers via wired ethernet, any controller in the group can use a single reporting service to report to a monitoring station, all through one modem.

When using Protege GX, you can send programming updates to the controller via the modem, but keep in mind that transmission is not as fast as ethernet – ICT recommends this is restricted to small critical updates. Due to the speed of cellular networks, programming downloads work best in conjunction with the Protege GX single record download service.

When purchasing a data plan to support ICT Protege 4G modem, consider your installation and what the modem will be used for. If for alarm reporting only, a minimum of 500MB/month is recommended. If being used for alarm reporting and event uploads, ICT recommends a minimum of 1GB/month.

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