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ICT Protege GX Status Page

ICT Protege GX Status Page

ICT Protege GX Status Page

ICT Protege GX Status Page – ICT Status pages for Protege GX help users monitor the crucial touch points of their businesses while filtering through the noise.

According to ICT, they provide an intuitive and efficient overview of s ecurity, buildings, and people, making them a powerful tool for reporting, managing sites, and consolidating key pieces of information.

“Each page is fully customizable to include the information you need,” said ICT’s Richard Hawker. “Whether you’re an end-user of Protege GX or a property or security manager looking to get insights into how build resiliency into your organization’s security, knowing what’s happening and where it’s happening across your locations can help you achieve that.

“With up to 16 tiles able to display information like event logs, device status, and camera feeds, getting the information you need quickly has never been easier.

When it comes to Protege GX status pages, there’s a lot of functionality available to take advantage of.

Whenever anything at any connected locations happens – such as someone badges at a door, an area is armed or disarmed, or a door is opened – an event is created. A singular action – such as pressing the request to exit (REX) button on a card reader – triggers 9-15 separate events in the status page. For one premises with 20 employees, this can result in thousands, even tens of thousands of events per day.

For the most part, you don’t need to see every single event that happens, which is why you have the option to create a tile for all events or filter them based on certain types of events – and you also can colour code them to reflect urgency.

Meanwhile, status lists allow you to get an overview of and control areas, doors, inputs, and outputs. Create a tile for each, and users can unlock doors, arm areas, and see which inputs have triggered which outputs from one page.

Status lists are fully customizable, enabling users to only see what they need – all they have to do is toggle the filters on and off. You can also keep an eye on device status, including keypads, system controllers, cameras and IP locks.

“It’s also possible to embed a live camera feed right on your status pages, so that when you get an event notification in your events tile, you can jump to the appropriate camera right away and see it happening in real time,” Hawker explains.

“Muster reports enable you to generate a list of where users are in the building using the entry and exit readers associated with a door. Instantly know where people are in an emergency, make auditing a breeze, and add an extra layer of accuracy to these reports by enabling with our built-in anti-passback functionality.

“You can also embed a floor plan right into your status page. The floor plan not only reflects the layout of the building, but also the real time status of any areas and doors, for a quick, graphical overview of what’s happening.”

ICT Protege GX

By having the floor plan and camera feed on the status page along with the status lists, users can get a full picture of areas and doors. The door being open appears on the status list, the floor plan lights up red to show it’s unlocked, and users can see in the camera that the credential used matches who’s using it.

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ICT Protege GX


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