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ICT Releases Silicone MiFare Access Control Wristbands

ICT'S new silicone Mifare wristbands provide a convenient hands-free access control credential that is ideal for restrictive or humidity-prone environments. 

The slim, unobtrusive design ensures the wristband can be worn comfortably, including under protective clothing if required and the wristbands are available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) and in 2 colour options (black or white). Completely sealed and with an IP68 rating, they are ideal for high humidity environments such as water theme parks, wash down areas, and medical facilities.

Order codes for the wristbands are:

PRX-SWB-MF-B-L Black Large Mifare
PRX-SWB-MF-B-M Black Medium Mifare
PRX-SWB-MF-B-S Black Small Mifare
PRX-SWB-MF-W-L White Large Mifare
PRX-SWB-MF-W-M White Medium Mifare
PRX-SWB-MF-W-S White Small Mifare.

Distributor: Integrated Control Technology
Contact: 1800 428 111

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