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ICT Upgrades Geutebruck Integration

ICT Upgrades Geutebruck Integration

ICT Upgrades Geutebruck Integration

ICT Upgrades Geutebruck Integration – ICT has announced an update is now available to its Geutebrück G-Core VMS integration.

When integrated, the Protege GX Geutebrück Video Service provides a comprehensive sync between Protege GX and the G-Core NVR server. Camera feeds are seamlessly embedded into fully customizable Protege GX status pages or interactive floor plans, delivering complete oversight of any property.

This integration enables operators to confirm alarms or events in real time and view live and historical video footage without the need to leave the platform. A bi-directional exchange of information enables the communication of PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the NVR for actionable site security.

“Aligning with ICT enables us to provide a unified solution for security personnel,” said Alan Johnson, general manager of Geutebrück. “A core value at Geutebrück is intuitive usability, which I am happy to report continues with this update”.

Temperature and humidity notification and detection events are now actionable within Protege GX alongside an associated/linked camera, allowing operators to monitor or customize alarms based on the end-user requirements. Sensor audio alarms are now also manageable as events within the system to strengthen the monitoring capabilities of operators.

This upgrade continues to support License Plate Recognition (LPR) via a Geutebrück server-based and/or camera-based LPR algorithm, enabling Protege GX to detect and assign license plate credentials to users for access control such as gate entry.

According to Richard Hawker, chief revenue officer at ICT, Geutebrück offers a great solution, and ICT is delighted to be able to extend its support to v6.1 of G-Core and look forward to implementing future improvements.

Geutebrück G-Core manages video images and is the base for an optimally customizable complete solution. The system can be used as a stand-alone unit or expanded to any size and complexity by linking several G-Core systems. The range of features is customized to meet any specific requirements via selectable options. As an open platform, G-Core provides access to a large number of integrations with leading manufacturers such as ICT.

Protege GX version 4.3.298 or higher is required, valid Protege camera licenses and version of Geutebrück G-Core are needed – please consult an ICT sales representative for your project requirements. Supported thermal or LPR cameras are determined by Geutebrück in addition to humidity configuration, please refer to Geutebrück for further details.

Click here for more information on this integration.

Protege GX feature support for G-Core 6.1 also enables operators to:

• View historic and archived video footage
• View live or archived video footage directly from an event associated with a camera
• Automatically launch a camera view window when specific types of events occur
• Send pre-set PTZ commands to the VMS in response to a Protege GX event filter
• View HLI events directly in Protege GX such as motion detection, low disk space, excess body temperature detected, license plate detected, sound detected, camera online/offline and camera physical on/off.

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John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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