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IDIS Cybersecurity From DAS

IDIS Cybersecurity From DAS

IDIS Cybersecurity From DAS – IDIS, distributed locally by DAS, combats the rise of cyberattacks against video surveillance systems with a 3-part cybersecurity protection system embedded in its solutions.

IDIS Cybersecurity From DAS

IDIS implement secure data access, secure data transmission and secure data recording to uphold cybersecurity protection. According to Rick Noto, IDIS BDM of DAS, the 3-point system adds reliability to an IDIS installation as it keeps data secure, yet simplifies operations.

“All 3 elements have a subset of features that contribute to achieving the system’s purpose of protecting the user’s cybersecurity,” Noto said. “Under secure data access, DirectIP is a powerful and cost-effective solution which stores and protects the authentication data of any IP installation. Users can also rely on preinstalled firewalls on NVRs and two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthorised access and protect accounts.”

“Secure data transmission is then achieved through transport layer security (TLS) and for every network (FEN) security. TLS is a cryptographic protocol that buffers between the IDIS camera and NVR to prevent malicious activities, and FEN security is an IDIS-exclusive system ideal when using public networks.”

IDIS Cybersecurity From DAS

“Thirdly, IDIS iBank and chained fingerprint features allow users to keep recorded data secure and detect suspicious activity from a single frame of footage,” explains Noto.

“Each point of the IDIS cybersecurity protection system plays a significant role in safeguarding users and their solution from new and complex cyberattacks.”

Contact DAS to learn more about IDIS solutions and systems or click here https://www.dickerdata.com.au/our-vendors-dicker-data/idis-distributor

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