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Intend to Get Vaccinated? Organise It Today

While there’s a small percentage of people in the community who have no intention of ever receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, most of us would probably get it done this arvo if a medical team knocked at the door, needle and swabs in hand.

The ongoing oscillation of lockdowns across Australia suggests the best way forward for the country, the community and the security industry, is to get vaccinated and, given the latest lockdowns, everyone who intends to get vaccinated should organise their vaccination today.

NSW, which reported 38 new cases on Thursday and 44 new cases on Friday, many of whom had been active in the community while infectious, is in an open-ended lockdown that the AMA has called to be extended “for as long as is needed to bring the spread of the Delta variant under control, even if that meant keeping stay at home orders beyond their planned expiry on July 16”.

Melbourne, meanwhile, has just come out of restrictions, while Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are all playing lockdown whack-a-mole with the highly infectious COVID-19 Delta variant. In the case of NSW, essential workplace clusters have been blamed for seeding the virus in these areas but it’s really no one’s fault but our own (oh, and the designers of those government COVID-19 vaccination websites that bury the vaccination booking link under mountains of dross).

Regardless of why, after enjoying a long period of stasis, it’s looking increasingly like the community has wasted its chance to get ahead of the virus by kicking the pointy decision down the road. Stung into action by the parsonial whine of recent ABC reports, the federal government has now announced it has a ‘plan’ and that plan looks boringly like all the plans that came before it with additional emphasis. Get bloody vaccinated.

At times like this it’s always tempting to indulge in the political false dichotomy some other mob would have done better but let’s be honest, Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt, Gladys Berejiklian, that Victorian rapper guy, or whoever, was never going to turn up at the door with a first aid kit and a damp cloth to mop your beaded brow.

If you want to book your vaccination, click here for NSW, here for Victoria, here for SA, here for Qld, here for Tassie, here for WA, here for NT and here for Kiwi-land – but be prepared for an initial fob-off, NZers – your online booking system doesn’t open until July 28.

“It’s not just that I’m more or less protected from the virus and its evolutionary convolutions,” said SEN editor’s 92-year-old mother, Cush, after receiving her second jab. “I’m now completely immune to all the stories about how we need to get our vaccination and can focus my attention entirely on patchwork.”


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