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IndalaS New Flexsmart

Features include full sector/file programmability, encryption key management, and outputs such as Wiegand and ABA Track 2. The FlexSmart product range includes the DX, MX and IX Series of products described below: FlexSmart DX200 DESFire Series (ISO 14443A Part 4 Compatible) is the most versatile solution and offers the highest security features in the FlexSmart product range. The DX Series readers offer 3DES encryption and communication speed up to eight times faster (800Kbps) than MIFARE. FlexSmart DX cards and tags offer 4KB (32Kbit) as standard memory. DX Series provides the most flexible file structure available for ease of use. These features contributed to the United States Government choosing this technology as its Government Smart Card common access solution. The FlexSmart MX200 MIFARE Series (ISO 14443A Compatible) is the world’s most popular contactless smart card solution. MX Series cards/tags have a standard memory of 1KB (8Kbits) with up to 4KB available. The MX series operates four times faster (100Kbps) than ISO 15693 compatible readers. This flexibility is ideal when combining access control and other applications. Many companies choose MIFARE for transportation, ticketing, and cashless payment due to its open, non-proprietary standard. The FlexSmart IX200 Series (ISO 15693 Compatible) is ideal for entry level contactless smartcard access control applications. Standard ISO 15693 compatible cards and tags have memory of 1KB (8Kbit) with up to 2KB (16Kbit) available. The IX Series comes in various options including Card Serial Number (CSN) mode where it is also ISO 14443A/B compatible. “With the FlexSmart family, Indala customers can continue to choose from the Indala styles they have known and valued for many years. The new product sizes include conventional mullion and PIN pad readers—all backed by the Indala lifetime warranty,” said Simon Barnes, Indala vice president Product Management.


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