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Inner Range Inception Expanded to 128 Doors, 256 Readers, 10,000 Users

INNER Range has announced a significant increase in system capacities for its award-winning Inception access control solution.

Inception, a next generation access control and intruder detection product featuring a user-friendly web browser based interface and support for modern technologies such as USB, Wi-Fi, and IP monitoring, has now been expanded to support up to 128 doors, 256 readers and 10,000 users. These new capacities require no hardware changes or licenses and will be available for all existing controllers with a firmware update. 

According to Inner Range, Inception is ideal for handling the access control and security needs of stand-alone single controller sites without PC hardware. It offers the installer and the end user a product that is easy to use, accessible and now very scalable.  When paired with high level integration options for automation systems, it becomes a core part of a site’s building management system.

“We took this opportunity to go over every aspect of Inception with a fine-tooth comb and improvements were made in a number of areas that were impacted by the capacity increase,” said Steve Mitchell, Inception team leader. “This means that a fully loaded controller is fast and responsive, and users with smaller systems also benefit from the improved performance.” 

The process of upgrading Inception’s capacities involved extensive performance testing to verify the system could handle the new limits well. A test system was set up that was much larger than the new capacities; if Inception could handle a system of this exaggerated size, then it could easily handle a fully loaded system. This load testing proved Inception could handle the larger capacities without sacrificing performance of the web interface and the responsiveness of the system.

“Inception was already well placed to compete in the 2-4 door market space and now strategically will also compete in the medium sized market space of up to 128 doors for standalone single controller sites,” said Peter Krincevski, Inner Range CEO

The success of Inception was recently recognised by the industry at the ASIAL Security Awards, where it was presented with the ASIAL 2017 Product of the Year – Access Control award. ♦

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