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Inner Range Launches Integriti Pro Version 18

Inner Range has launch Integriti Pro Version 18, the latest version of Inner Range’s Integriti security management software.

“This software release introduces several innovative features including the use of vehicle license plates as access control credentials with compatible Enterprise grade CCTV Systems like Milestone,” said Peter Krincevski, CEO Inner Range.

Inner Range has significantly improved the Integriti event review log subsystem and have entirely redesigned the schematic mapping engine using vector maps and icons.

“We are especially pleased with the new vector graphics capabilities. This is type of functionality is normally only found in expensive, custom-engineered, software platforms and now Integriti Pro has it,” said Krincevski.

“The ability to zoom in and out of sitemaps showing doors, inputs and control icons at appropriate zoom levels allows managing a site via maps to be a straightforward and intuitive task.”

For further information contact Inner Range Australian distributor CSD on 1300 319 499.


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