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Inner Range Releases Integriti Contact Trace Report

Included in the recent release of Integriti Version 20.1.1 is a contact tracing report, which assists users to identify close contacts of a person who has or is displaying symptoms of an infectious disease.

The objective of contact tracing is to interrupt the spread of an infectious disease as quickly as possible. With this in mind, Inner Range has implemented a number of features in this report to ensure that the people responsible for contact tracing have the maximum information available to them quickly.

This report has been designed to ensure that it can be quickly generated and shared with no effort. The Integriti Contact Trace report can be generated and displayed directly within Integriti, and displayed on the operator’s screen in a user-friendly format which allows for instant action to be taken. The report can be saved in PDF, Excel, CSV, text, image or RTF formats, along with more advanced options, such as generating HTML, or it can create everything needed for MHL single page websites.

After choosing some simple options such as affected user, start and end time of report, and time before and time after for same door detection, the report can be generated.

The operator can easily add or remove information they want displayed on the report, however, by default it shows the below essential information to allow for Contact Tracing to begin.

* Which doors the infected user passed through
* How much time they spent in each area
* What time they badged a reader
* Which other users were in that area within the adjustable time window such as between 15 minutes before and 60 minutes after the infected user exited.

Different teams may require the data to be formatted or sorted in different ways or to even have completely different data sets included which is where this Integriti Contact Trace report excels. Having been built within the Integriti Advanced Reports module means that this report is completely customisable and multiple variations can be saved to ensure that an operator has any version available as required.

The options of information is shown and how it’s displayed are extensive, however, some basic examples of possible variations which could be created are:

* A report which shows only the areas and doors that the affected person had contact with so an operator could use the report to quickly and easily identify which doors need to be disabled to prevent further people from entering contaminated areas

* A report which shows only the name and emergency contact details of people identified as close contacts. This version could be quickly generated and given HR and management teams so they can contact the affected people as quickly as possible

* A report for the cleaners to tell them which areas and doors are red zones and require deep cleaning.

Integriti Advanced reports has over 15 default reports included as well as the ability for operators to create an unlimited number of customised reports by utilising the drag and drop report creator. For more information on this report and others, please contact Inner Range on +61 3 9780 4300.


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