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Inner Range Unveils High-Level Aiphone Intercom Integration For Integriti

JANUARY 2017 sees the release of the high-level integration of the Aiphone IX Commercial Series of intercoms with Inner Range’s Integriti building management system.

According to Mark Edwards, general manager of products and marketing at CSD, this deep integration allows the intercom system to be interacted with and viewed within the Integriti system. 

“It allows Integriti to act as the main integrated security management system (ISMS) for the entire site, with the Aiphone intercom system along with doors, card readers, CCTV and intercom video feeds all monitored, controlled and reviewed from one system,” Edwards says. 

“The Aiphone integration provides a powerful set of features allowing Integriti to manage intercom calls, status events, health checks and much more.”

The Aiphone IX Commercial Series is a network-based, communication and security system featuring video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations, and paging. All units and apps in the systems can be used to assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a PoE network.

“This is exciting news for CSD as the addition of the Aiphone product range to our current product line up has been a great success,” Edwards says. “Now with this high level Integration we are able to take the Aiphone product range into the commercial market segment when integrated with the Integriti Building Management Solution.” ♦

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