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Inner Range Updates Warnings

Inner Range Updates Warnings, Translation Architecture.

Inner Range Updates Warnings, Translation Architecture.

Inner Range Updates Warnings – Version 23 of Integriti includes enhancements to system warnings, translation architecture and improvements such as firmware updates and installation packages which will make Integriti easier to use and more efficient.

The user interface for viewing and dealing with outstanding system warnings has been redesigned to increase the visibility of problems in the system so they can be resolved more easily. Potential problems in the system will be immediately noticeable so they can be looked at quickly, which will prevent long term issues.

All system warnings are now grouped into 1 of 3 top-level categories: hardware, system health, integration, and a summary for each is displayed at the top of the system warning dialog, making it easy to identify which areas of the software has problems.

The system warnings can be filtered down by type and category. They can also be suppressed to allow those caused by known factors to be removed from the dialog until they are ready to be addressed.

After upgrading to v23.0 all existing system warnings will be deleted, but warnings which are still applicable will be automatically regenerated over time after starting Integriti services and reconnecting to controllers.

Translating Integriti Software

This has received several improvements to help in translating the Integriti software for use in different cultures. Updates include simplifying the selection of the translation language for the software, right-to-left support, and support for translating Integriti software integrations.

The improvements will offer more flexibility at multi-lingual sites, allowing the Integriti language to differ from the system language. Any language which is usually written from right-to-left will now display in a right-to-left format in Integriti.

Translation files can be generated and loaded in the same way as the Integriti software, with individual integration template files being made available with all new integration releases. Integrations will automatically use the same translation language as the Integriti software.

Inner Range Updates Warnings Additional Improvements

The Navigation Tree will be sorted alphabetically by default, with site/keywords grouped at the top and all hardware grouped at the bottom. Firmware will be automatically updated with the latest available versions as new versions of Integriti are installed.

Added support for Duo 2FA and formal support for Microsoft Authenticator to authenticate operators logging into Integriti clients. The option to automatically delete visitors, and their associated users, after they have checked out.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing our integrators and tech support with effective solutions to quickly deal with any problems which arise,” said Tim Northwood, Inner Range’s sales director.

“The latest Integriti updates have been developed to speed up processes, make it more accessible to everyone, and to allow our technicians and integrators to work remotely and solve issues far more quickly than if they had to be on site.”

Inner Range Integriti v23 is an enterprise-ready software management solution for Integriti that provides multi-site access control, intruder detection and smart building technology supporting millions of users and 100,000s of doors and detection points.

Integriti acts as the complete security management system, integrating a variety of security and intelligent building sub-systems, such as video surveillance, mobile duress, lighting, intercom and more.

On the access control side, the system monitors and controls the movement of all personnel and vehicles across multiple facilities. Integriti utilises an industry leading access permission system as well as support for standard access credentials such as cards, facial recognition and mobile phone-based tokens.

When it comes to intruder dectection, the system protects critical assets and manages the safety of staff and visitors through monitoring thousands of detection points, communicating back to base, and pushing notifications to mobile devices. Unified control means the integrity manages an organisation s entire security operation from a single user interface.

You can find out more about Inner Range Updates Warnings here or read more SEN news here.

Included in Version 23:

  • Azure Active Directory integration.
  • 2FA (2 factor authentication) improvements to include DUO, Microsoft and Google.
  • Improved system monitoring and operator authentication.
  • Streamlined firmware update process.
  • International customers will benefit from the updated, multi-language support allowing language selection from the client login window.

“Inner Range Updates Warnings, Translation Architecture.”

Integriti V23 1
Inner Range updates warnings in v23.
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