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Integrated Radar & Predator 1080p HD Camera From Sensing Products

PREDATOR Radar from Sensing Products is designed for high security applications where wide area detection and tracking of moving objects is required. 

Predator works in all weather conditions – rain, fog, snow, mist, coastal as well as extreme hot and cold climates. Predator Radar scans 360 degrees once every second to detect and automatically track multiple objects using Time Share alarm handling – ensuring alarms are evenly or priority handled. 

Alarms output facility allows notification to the operator that a target is being tracked, even when the camera is looking elsewhere. Incorporating software features such as controlling Predator intelligent illumination to give white light spotlight tracking for Human activation or infrared for vehicle activation.

Features include:

* Attack Detect Feature
* Predators will automatically return to their original position if physically moved/attacked.
* Intelligent Lighting control
* Illumination automatically adjusts the lighting intensity to ensure the highest quality images 
* 360-degree enhanced low light cameras with mono video images as low as 0.0008 lux (no illumination)
* Full range of Patent Pending Dual IR & White Light options giving up to 200 metres of IR lighting and/or white light giving colour at night. Sirius illumination combines narrow, medium and wide-angle lenses to give a wide range of light spread (from 9° to 50°). Choice of standard IR 850nm or covert 940nm available.
* ONVIF compliant – compatible with multiple VMS systems
* 24 privacy zones with simple joystick positioning and sizing
* Built in EDGE recording option – 128 or 256Gb Storage on board
* Continuous/FTP Upload/Network Loss/Alarm Scheduled recording option to On Board Storage.
* 10-year maritime paint option.
* Maximum Range: 200m Man/Vehicle Radius
* Range Resolution: 1m
* Field of View: 360°
* Scan Rotation Rate: 1 RPS
* Interface: 100Mb Ethernet
* Mounting Height: up to 8 metres
* Operating frequency – 24GHz.

Contact Sensing Products on 61 2 8896 4364 email: info@sensing.com.au for more information.

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