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Ness Corp Delivers Tradie’s Advantage on Hikvision Products

According to Ness Corp’s Peter Mohan, the highly anticipated Hikvision October price reductions are out now at Ness. 

“Driven by factory reductions and a stronger $AUD, the new Ness Hikvision price list is packed with substantial savings across the board to give you the 'Ness Tradie's advantage' you've come to expect,” Mohan said.

“Ness customers should log in to their Ness trade account to download the latest Ness Hikvision price list, or contact your local Ness branch for further information on Hikvision products or just browse the Ness web site. As always, Ness account holders can order online and get free freight (for orders over $100).

“Over and above any common price cuts Ness have treated their customers to a number of price reductions throughout the Hikvision range. These include genuine savings on overstock, end-of-model and targeted specials to help every Ness customer's bottom line.”

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