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ISCS Launches Qumulex

ISCS Launches Qumulex

♦ ISCS Launches Qumulex – ISCS has launched the Qumulex cloud-based unified video management and access control platform, delivering a simplified browser-based user interface built on all cloud, all on-premises, or hybrid.

According to ISCS, Qumulex is open platform and works with leading camera and access control hardware, with no proprietary-product lock-in that works with any system, no matter its topology – whether it’s on-premises or fully cloud.

QxControl is deployed as a progressive web app (PWA), which runs on all devices equipped with a browser and the system is built around cyber security.

With QxControl it’s possible to view cameras, doors, system health, analytics and more from a wide variety of easy drag-and-drop layouts. Users can create views that combine events for more situational awareness in their buildings.

Other features include intuitive tag-based searches allowing for quick retrieval of desired video events which might be events generated by motion, analytics, access movements and more.

Having access control unified with video allows for maximum situational awareness, all controlled on any device, through a browser, and there’s no need to deal with multiple separate apps for desktop, iOS and android.

In QxControl menu, the most often used pages are prominently displayed, with the detailed configuration and administration pages collapsed. When expanded, the new Configuration sub menu with all of the system and administration pages are revealed.

Neat new features include door widgets are now automatically paired with the associated camera so that you can drop the door widget into any layout or view and see what is happening at the door before you operate it.

When viewing in Live or wherever live video is available (such as a camera or door page) there’s a coloured border that can appear around the video – a green border means continuous recording is occurring, while a blue border means event recording, such as motion or analytics, is occurring.

In the latest version of QxControl, native multi-tenancy is enhanced with an updated places page, which now includes a visual indicator if a lockdown has been initiated in any area. There are also info and edit place tabs, which are reached by clicking on the place you wish to view and/or edit.

Find out more about Qumulex from ISCS.

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