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Jack Fuse PP10HD Compact PDM

Jack Fuse PP10HD Compact PDM

♦ Jack Fuse PP10HD compact PDM – PP10HD compact power distribution module from Jack Fuse is a compact power distribution module with self-healing fuses that reduce down time when a fault occurs.

The PP10DH is designed to offer power distribution for electronic security solutions, including alarm, access control and automation systems and peripherals.

It offers fused protection inside small cabinets, is Australian Standards-compliant, has 10 fused outputs with status LED, is DIN rail mount, fitted with self-healing PPTC fuses, and is compact – 75 x 55 x 55mm with double deck terminal.

According to Ken McKeon of Jack Fuse, overcurrent protection of security power cabling is mandated in the Australian Wiring Rules, AS/CA S009:2020.

“Fuses help prevent fires and equipment damage as well as providing system redundancy and are a vital component of every security installation,” McKeon said.

“It’s a common misconception that you use a fuse to protect your downstream field device such as an electric lock or motion detector. This is incorrect. If an overcurrent situation occurs at a field device, then it is likely caused by damage or incorrect installation. A fuse back in the security panel can’t prevent damage to the field devices but will help protect other equipment.”

Fuses are also vital to protect the field cable and upstream devices, such as power supplies.

“When a field device fails or a short circuit is placed on the cable, the circuit current will become very high and, without protection, will cause damage to cable, the power supply and the security controller,” explains McKeon.

“Fuses also provide redundancy by limiting damage to smaller parts of the system. An installation with no fuse is susceptible to complete failure due to an overcurrent fault. Add in a well-designed fused power distribution solution and damage will be limited to one system component, allowing others to keep functioning.”

Jack Fuse is an Australian developer of products for the electronic access control and security industries based in the ACT committed to reliability, security, efficiency and sustainability.

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