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Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3

Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 Access Control Interface.

Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 Access Control Interface.

Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 – Jack Fuse ADI V3 access control interface provides advantages for fire, access control and auto door technicians, as well as lifetime benefits for the door owner.

The ADI V3 provides an interface between access control systems, fire indication panels and automatic doors/gates. An adjustable delay can be implemented to provide door/gate/lock sequencing.

Control is achieved using the same cables and output wiring as used for a traditional electronic lock. This simplifies system design – the same field and panel cables/techniques can be used for all door types.

The ADI implements a clear division between the different services connecting to an auto-door or gate and eliminates the grey area of who is responsible for what – something that causes costly delays in install and break down situations.

Jack Fuse ADI V3 3 LR
Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 3

Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 Released

The ADI can operate in several different modes to suit most automatic door or gate access control scenarios. Duplex mode helps to eliminate the common problem where a user must swipe and then move/wave in-front of the door sensor to get it to operate. Duplex mode also reduces the number of cables and EACS system relays required for door control.

The ADI terminals are split into defined sides, left for the access control contractor and right for the door contractor. Technicians can connect their signals via the ADI without ever needing to touch the other trades cables.

If a problem occurs with the access control or door/gate, the terminals on the separate sides of the ADI can be quickly isolated and tested. This makes it easier for a technician to
diagnose a fault and reduces repair costs.

Meanwhile LED indicators provide quick local feedback on the door control status. S P S P DOOR > Auto Door & Gate Interface OPEN UNLOCK OPEN < EACS To access control system.

You can find out more about ADI V3 here or read more SEN news here.

Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 Features:

  • 2 interface relays with LED indicators
  • EOL resistor sockets for 2 x door input supervision
  • Built in pulse timer – 250ms to 60s
  • 45-degree pluggable terminals
  • Break glass input
  • Clear division between trades (EACS & Door contractors)
  • Multiple operation modes
  • Quick SnapTrack mounting.

“Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 Access Control Interface.”

Jack Fuse ADI V3 2 LR
Jack Fuse Releases ADI V3 4
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