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Maximum Range From Curtain PIR?

Maximum Range From Curtain PIR?

♦ Maximum Range From Curtain PIR – What’s the maximum range we can expect from a curtain PIR in an indoor application?

Obviously this is going to depend on the device in question and its power, sensor size and lens configuration, as well as the application.

PIR curtains can have maximum range of 30m or more, but you need to walk test in a range of environments to make sure. You must also consider how those curtains are going to perform when temperatures hit 30 degrees plus.

Temperature compensation is a beneficial feature, but range and sensitivity are still impacted by thermal activity in an environment. Performance will vary depending on factors like construction, the presence of clear roof tiles and ventilation.

Other things that can upset PIRs in warehouses include strong light sources and wildlife. If you decide to use PIRs in challenging environments, go for the best quality units you can find with mirror optics. In bigger warehouses you’ll need to think about active infrared beams.

Features that are appealing include mild weatherproofing pet or wildlife immunity, anti-masking, temperature compensation, installation aids and if the sensor is wireless go for 128-bit AES encryption, as well as low power draw.

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