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Mayfair Florist Installs Gallagher SMB

Mayfair Florists, an established floristry business based in Adelaide, Australia, has installed the Gallagher SMB access control system.

Located on a busy street, with nearby commercial developments and heavy foot traffic, Mayfair Florists required a reliable and convenient security solution to prevent intruders and provide complete site visibility.

Following multiple burglaries, fourth generation florist and owner, Jason Minney, faced costly repair bills, missing stock, and disturbance to business continuity, which greatly impacted both him and his small team of staff. Feeling plagued by break-ins, Jason sought a reliable security solution that would deter intruders, secure onsite assets, and provide him with the comfort of knowing his business was protected day and night.

“We were broken into twice in 3 months and it’s not just the stock that goes missing but everything that
needs to be fixed – the locks, the doors – it’s incredibly expensive and time consuming,” Minney said.

“I knew I needed to get a security system that would not only deter intruders, but ensure that if anything happened, I would get notified straight away. Our site was quite private before, however, with the neighbourhood getting busier, we are more exposed and more susceptible to crime.”

To meet the threat, Gallagher’s cloud-based security solution for small and medium business (SMB) was installed which enables Minney to arm and disarm alarms, manage incidents, and monitor users – both onsite and remotely via a mobile app.

“Gallagher SMB is incredibly easy to use – if an alarm goes off, I have total control. I can check it wherever I am and act if I need to,” Minney said.

According to Gallagher, the user management functionality available within its Gallagher SMB solution proved to be a game-changer for Mayfair Florists. Through the Gallagher SMB app, Minney can add, edit, and remove staff or contractor access, and manage which areas of the site they can enter.

Mayfair Florists Display

The absence of keypads also means, that should a staff member leave, there’s no need to change pins – it’s as simple as removing the user from the system which revokes their access to the site. For Minney, this not only saves valuable time but prevents the possibility of access credentials being left in the wrong hands and potentially used for theft or vandalism.

Minney has full visibility of his business from the comfort of his home, which has proven particularly beneficial for monitoring activity on site.

“With a security keypad, you don’t know which staff member is actually on site or what time they arrived and
Left,” he said. “From my phone, I am notified which of my staff are onsite, I know immediately if the alarm is activated, or if anyone has accessed the site outside of business hours. It’s given me greater visibility of my business and peace of mind that if anything happens, I will be notified right away.”

Utilizing the cloud-based intelligence of Gallagher SMB, gives reassurance the business is protected by highly secure and reliable security technology, without needing to purchase and store expensive servers on site.

“As a small business, I don’t want to be spending lots on a security system,” Minney said. “Gallagher SMB ticks all the boxes. It’s a great option for any small business wanting an app-based security solution that does all of the hard work for you.”


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