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Melbourne Plans Car-Free Superblocks After Vehicle Attacks


MELBOURNE City Council is reported to be considering creating car-free superblocks that will facilitate pedestrian safety and reduce traffic congestion in the CBD.

One superblock would cover an area inside the boundary of Bourke, Flinders, Elizabeth and William Sts – the streets within the boundary would become pedestrian thoroughfares, with emergency, delivery and authorised resident vehicles given access via automated rising bollards and restricted to a speed limit of 10kmph.

Also under consideration is a 30kmph go-slow zone in the Hoddle Grid and around Docklands – go-slow zones are prevalent in many European cities and towns, with cars required to give way to cyclists and pedestrians in those areas.

There have been 2 vehicle attacks in Melbourne over the past 18 months – one on Bourke St Mall, and another outside Flinders St Station.

In the wake of the Bourke St Mall attack, Melbourne City Council moved to add bollards, planters, additional CCTV and a public emergency address system across the CBD.

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