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Milestone, Axis Optimiser At DAS

Milestone Axis Optimiser At DAS

Milestone Axis Optimiser At DAS ♦ Distributed by DAS, Axis and Milestone have teamed up to develop a valuable integration suite that’s free to install and enhances integrations.

According to DAS group manager for surveillance, Anitha Bellary, Axis Optimiser for Milestone XProtect is a suite of plugins and tools that opens a world of features to elevate Milestone and Axis solutions concurrently. It offers great value to end users and integrators by delivering integral plugins for optimally running Axis devices within XProtect.

Axis Optimiser features include Axis Camera Assistant, de-warping plugins, SpeedDry for Axis PTZ cameras, spot temperature, licence plate verifier and more, and is fully supported on Milestone Corporate, Expert, Professional+, and Express+ XProtect platforms.

“There is a greater focus on integration within the surveillance industry, and so Axis and Milestone have developed the Axis Optimiser which provides substantial value to integrators, administrators and operators,” Bellary said.

“At DAS, we not only distribute the Axis and Milestone range to get you started, but you can also leverage the expertise of our product, sales and technical teams to support your surveillance needs.”

Axis product manager for DAS, Orlando Chiang said that by unlocking capabilities from both Axis devices and XProtect, the Axis Optimiser delivers an efficient and unique user experience.

“It also streamlines plugin management which eliminates the need for traditional manual installations which saves a considerable amount of time and money,” Chiang said.

The Axis Optimiser is free to install via Axis. For support on running the Axis Optimiser, contact the DAS team.

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