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Milestone Unveils Kite VSaaS

Milestone Unveils Kite VSaaS

Milestone Unveils Kite VSaaS – Milestone Kite powered by the Arcules cloud platform is a video surveillance as a service featuring integrated video analytics and access control functions that will be available early 2023.

Revealed during its MIPS 2022 event, the company describes Milestone Kite as a simple, secure and scalable VSaaS solution well-suited for single or distributed organizations that need an easy way to centrally manage all their sites in one unified system with continuous access to new features and little or no maintenance.

Milestone Kite supports more than 6,000 camera models from over 100 manufacturers. The solution offers flexible hybrid video storage with low bandwidth needs, where video data can be stored in the cloud or at the edge, all dependent on available bandwidth.

Kite delivers continuous security updates and global backup to guard against cyber threats. It has built-in people and vehicle detection, heat maps and forensic search turning the video into intelligent data to improve security and increase operational efficiency.

“Milestone understands and recognizes the importance of offering a range of hybrid-Cloud solutions to address different segments of the security market. says Thomas Jensen, CEO of Milestone Systems.

“We have been making investments in VSaaS offerings for many years to prepare for the future. As more small- to mid-sized organizations search for a cloud-based video technology solution that is easy to deploy, simple to use, has low bandwidth requirements, is scalable across locations, and is secure.”

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