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Milestone XProtect AWS Cloud Deployment

Milestone Systems now offers 2 products on Amazon Web Services, including free XProtect Essential+, and XProtect BYOL (Bring Your Own License), which requires a paid license sold through Milestone’s existing distribution partner channels.

Each of these products leverages web services provided by AWS to offer a flexible, cost-efficient and reliable cloud deployment alternative to the traditional on-premise VMS systems. XProtect on AWS is deployed directly from AWS Marketplace – a digital catalogue that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software and services.

By deploying it from AWS Marketplace integrators save time on system set-up with automated OS and VMS installations, and a pre-configured VMS. In such a full-cloud deployment scenario, the cameras and the end-device used to access the system make up the only hardware maintained on-premise. The servers, recorders, and data centres are maintained fully by AWS 24/7, anywhere in the world.

XProtect on AWS offers a user-experience identical to on-site with 100 per cent feature compatibility. It also minimizes the friction involved in setting up on-premise video surveillance systems, by using several web services:

* AWS Direct Connect and AWS Site-to-Site VPN services establish a dedicated network connection from the premises to AWS

* AppStream – Amazon application streaming service can be used to deliver a full client experience identical to Smart Client on-site, with close-to-zero latency, regardless of the end-device and OS used.

XProtect on AWS is designed for organizations with a cloud-first strategy, who understand the benefits of cloud-based-solutions and are looking to leverage them to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

According to Milestone, the dynamic nature of cloud computing and the seamless scalability of XProtect make this solution highly flexible and help businesses move away from aging IT foundations and scale easily to meet business demand without over-provisioning.

Using XProtect on AWS also means outsourcing a considerable part of the IT infrastructure to global experts. This results in a more reliable and continuous operation with less risk of service disruptions.

Contact the Milestone team for more information on training for this new solution.


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