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Mobile CCTV Trailers

Mobile CCTV Trailers For Liverpool Council.

Mobile CCTV Trailers For Liverpool Council.

Mobile CCTV Trailers – Liverpool City Council in Sydney is seeking mobile CCTV trailers capable of handling a range of surveillance roles around the city.

Liverpool is fast becoming Sydney’s third CBD as the Gateway City to Western Sydney Airport. Its current population of almost 250,000 is estimated to reach over 300,000 by 2030.

Liverpool City Council is leading the community through a period of rapid change and growth towards a more dynamic city centre with a vibrant night-time economy. Council intends to enter into a contract for the supply and maintenance of mobile security camera trailers.

Offers must be completely uploaded as PDF files (unless another format is specified by council for any particular document/s) into the electronic tender box by the closing time. Tenderers will receive a successful submission receipt timed and dated upon completion.

This tender closes on October 20 – you can learn more here or read more SEN news here.

“Mobile CCTV Trailers For Liverpool Council.”

Mobile CCTV Trailers LR
Mobile CCTV Trailers 2



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