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MONI Interactive Messaging Highlights Primacy of Alarm User Experience

DYNAMIC alarm monitoring provider MONI will release a new interactive messaging hub to its 1 million residential alarm monitoring customers in early 2017.

The development highlights the primacy of user experience in modern alarm monitoring and underscores the challenges monitoring stations face when competing with DIY alarm and smart home technologies which communicate directly with the user. Comparatively, monitoring companies action alarm events by calling the end user or other contacts on the list if the user can’t be reached. With this technology, MONI is doing everything – alerting the user in real time and following up with human response. 

MONI’s patented technology is named ASAPer for its ability to alert both MONI customers and their emergency contacts as soon as possible when an alarm is triggered. 

All emergency contacts are able to connect with the MONI central monitoring station so that the alarm can be confirmed or cancelled. MONI’s emergency response centre addresses the alarm event as usual and alerts the first responders if necessary. According to MONI, ASAPer helps to reduce false alarms, mitigates the risk of unnecessary emergency dispatches and ensures that first responders are only called to true emergency situations.

Meanwhile, MONI says the messaging hub has been tested and refined by customers of its DIY subsidiary, LiveWatch. Customers and their enabled emergency contacts are notified as soon as possible of alarm trigger events via text on their mobile devices. Once the initial notification is sent, emergency contacts are able to join a live chat with one click, thereby allowing individuals to collaboratively coordinate a response.

“With ASAPer, we’re not only providing an alert, we’re providing emotional security to our customers, involving them in the alarm response and assuring them of next steps,” says Jeff Gardner, president and CEO, MONI. “This collaborative, mobilized approach to communication is unmatched by any other monitored home security solution in the industry. ASAPer allows us to truly be in the moment with our customers.” ♦

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