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Morrisby Reaches Milestone With DAS


Morrisby Reaches Milestone With DAS

Morrisby reaches Milestone with DAS – DAS has appointed Shane Morrisby to the position of Milestone product manager.

A born and bred Taswegien, Morrisby has spent the last 18 years in the security industry, with roles including technical sales rep, state sales manager, and BDM.

Morrisby Reaches Milestone With DAS

DAS appointed Morrisby as its first dedicated Milestone product manager following the transition from Hills earlier this year.

“I always had a natural love affair with surveillance products and dreamt of being involved with the product team given the opportunity, so I’m proud to be associated with such a powerful and flexible solution with a blue-ribbon reputation for excellence,” Morrisby said.

“We have successfully expanded and now also boast our first dedicated Milestone BDM – Shaun Watson. Together we’re a solid team that confidently delivers the Milestone value to customers, and further developed our customer service by offering our Milestone Loyalty Bonus, which we have been promoting since July 1.”

“DAS is actively engaged in upholding Milestone’s competitive edge, and we have built strong relationships with customers and partners through unique avenues – including nation-wide brewery tours and exclusive promotions.

“It’s also great that DAS equally supports Axis, IDIS and Dahua – surveillance solutions that share many integration capabilities with Milestone,” Morrisby said.

“DAS really is the glue that pulls the solution together, and I look forward to growing my opportunities with Milestone alongside DAS.”

You can find out more about Milestone from DAS here.

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