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Motorola Holster Aware V300

Motorola Holster Aware V300

♦ Motorola Holster Aware V300 – Holster Aware with V300 body worn camera gives law enforcement officers one less thing to think about under pressure.

With an easy to install holster sensor that pairs quickly with the V300, an officer’s body-worn camera will automatically start recording when the sensor detects a weapon – firearm or taser – has been unholstered.

Holster Aware is a discrete sensor that fits almost any holster and detects the presence of a weapon, notifying the V300 body worn camera to start recording when the firearm is unholstered – there’s no need to press record on the V300 to activate recording.

Holster Aware requires minimal maintenance and charging, while sensors and camera associations are managed in an evidence management system. There’s near real-time synchronization between camera and sensor, meaning Holster Aware outperforms in high stress situations.

Holster Aware works for 14-21 days between charging – the V300 will alert the officer if the holster sensor battery is low. It’s also possible to configure Holster Aware and V300 to align with organizational policy.

Used in this way, Motorola’s Holster Aware acts like a silent partner, making sure law enforcement officers follow body-worn camera and firearms policies automatically, while recording events in real time.

Contact Motorola Solutions for more information about Holster Aware.

Holster Sensor Options:

* YDM-HLS-TRG-KIT Universal Holster Trigger Sensor, Primer, USB Charging Cable
* YDM-TSR-TRG-X26 Holster Trigger TaserX26P Holster, Sensor, Belt Clip Right Hand Draw
* YDM-TSR-TRG-X02 Holster Trigger TaserX2 Holster, Sensor, Belt Clip, Right Hand Draw
* YDM-TSR-TGL-X26 Holster for TaserX26P with Sensor and Belt Clip – Left Hand draw
* YDM-TSR-TGL-X02 Holster for TaserX2 with Sensor and Belt Clip – Left Hand draw.

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