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Multipole Smart City Pole

Multipole Smart City Pole

♦ Multipole Smart City Pole – Multipole is a multi-function pole solution designed to support smart city digital infrastructure with the flexibility to accommodate future innovation.

It features an integrated accessory mounting system to allow for attachment, removal and retro-fitting, and is constructed of certified lightweight aluminium, enabling reduced installation, transport and maintenance costs.

The poles have a low carbon footprint, are corrosion resistant, have a unique tracking and bracket system fabricated for a range of configurations, and a standard clear anodised finish applied for abrasion resistance, elimination of oxidisation, self-repair properties, and a life span generally exceeding 60 years.

There’s a patented joining system with 4 hydraulic integral fusion joints, a high capacity base section resulting in generous room for accommodating internal fitments, and a ventilation system to minimize internal humidity and corrosion causing moisture build up.

A patented footing system removes reliance on welded base plates, increasing strength at a cost of only 50 per cent that of a base plate, while offering robust inbuilt frangibility. Multipoles also feature the Rivlok security fastener system.

Rivlok is a patented security screw system that comprises a smooth headed screw that is driven into position using a special tool that relies on friction to operate. This produces a vandal-proof range of fasteners that makes extraction of the bolt or screw almost impossible without the matching friction drive tools for each head configuration and fastener material combination.

Features of the Multipole smart city solution include:

* CCTV Arms
* Adjustable Banner Arms
* Banner Raising System
* Sign Brackets
* Electrical Sign Brackets
* Bike Ring
* Footing Covers
* Flower Pot Ring
* Catenary Eye
* GPO Outlet
* Traffic Light & RMS Attachments
* Street Signage
* Microcell Attachment
* Power Outlet Fittings
* Video Screen Fixings
* Bus Shelter Attachments
* Water Bubbler Incorporation
* PA/Warning Systems
* Solar Cell Supports
* Litter Bins
* Festive Decoration Support Structures
* Fixed/Rotating Camera Arm
* Rag Bolts Kits
* Pole Top Spigots
* Universal Bracket Systems.

Manufacturer: Multipole Smart City Solutions
Contact: 61 2 9997 1211

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