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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Seeks Mobile ANPR For Vehicles, Drones

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) intends to trial mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera technology to facilitate the monitoring and interception of high-risk heavy vehicles, operators and journeys.

The NHVR is requesting the respondent propose which mobile ANPR cameras and deployment devices will be best used in the mobile ANPR camera project. The successful respondent will be a well-respected provider of ANPR solutions for enforcement agencies in Australia. The respondent will work with NHVR business SMEs and IT architects to configure and roll out a phased delivery of the requirements and integration of the heavy vehicle sightings data to current NHVR intelligence holdings.

The NHVR anticipates the respondents will supply and support the following solutions:

Roadside Mobile ANPR Cameras will consist of a portable device that operates using a battery, solar or accompanying generator specially designed to accommodate a camera being fixed to it. The portable device may be deployed or towed into a position at designated safe areas for a short period (typically 1 to 4 weeks) for operations, intelligence gathering or site choice validation.

The mobile ANPR solutions should be specially designed and fitted to vehicles either internally or externally (usually on the dashboard or underneath vehicle lightbars) and must be capable of being deployed to identify high risk vehicles approaching enforcement sites in remote locations. Camera images must be able use optical character recognition to identify the vehicle and determine if the vehicle is of interest.

The ANPR solution will potentially determine if the sighted vehicle is a heavy or light vehicle, and if determined to be a heavy vehicle, this information is transmitted in a format to the able to be integrated easily with existing fixed camera network data currently in the NHVR data warehouse. The NHVR aims to receive the data and images collected from mobile deployed camera locations in a timely manner to increase heavy vehicle sightings in the NHVR data warehouse.

This tender closes April 12 – you can find out more here.


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