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National Security Network One Stop Shop

Teamwork and integration concept with connection of gear

NATIONAL Security Network (NSN) was launched earlier this year in recognition of a market appetite for a one stop security solution in managing the security requirements of national companies. 

According to NSN, the challenge for such organisations has been finding a security provider which can deliver consistent security services including monitoring in each state. NSN believed the solution was logical – engage a security company in each state, recognised as being an industry leader and with a reputation in providing high quality security services; then bring these companies together on a formal basis with agreed SLA’s on how all NSN clients will be managed to ensure service consistency and cost effectiveness. 

On this premise, the NSN was formed by 6 like-minded quality security companies: Securus (WA), Yates Security (NSW), ART Security (Victoria), Instant Security (Queensland), AlarmNet (SA/NT) and Golden Electronics (Tasmania). NSN provides an alternative to existing security arrangements and has 250 years of combined security experience. Each NSN member is recognised as being a leading provider in its respective states. The NSN members work closely together to uphold the collective NSN reputation for quality security services. All NSN members are ASIAL members, each operates a monitoring centre in its respective state and has in-house service and installation teams. 

Clients can select a single point of contact for the management of all their security services nationally, including centralised billing, managed by their nominated NSN lead member. Alternatively, services can be managed on a state basis, allowing direct local contact for all technical, service and monitoring support. All NSN services can be customised to individual state requirements and each NSN member has coverage into regional areas for their respective states.  ♦



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