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Neptune 500kg Magnetic Lock

Neptune 500kg Magnetic Lock

♦ Neptune 500kg Magnetic Lock from LSC is a monitored locking device designed to highly secure single wooden, glass or metal doors as part of a building access control solution.

The Neptune 500 has a built-in time delay of 0, 3, 6 or 9 seconds selectable, a matt black aluminium housing, a zinc-plated electromagnetic body and can also be installed on L or Z brackets.

Magnet size is 265mm long, x 71mm high and 40mm deep, while the armature plate is a 185mm long, 60mm high and 13mm deep, with the complete locking mechanism weighing 4.5kg.

There are dual voltage options: 12V DC with a 480mA draw or 24V DC at a 240mA draw. This monitored lock has a door status sensor with LED indicator, while the overload current of the relay contact is 1A (overload is strictly prohibited for voltage of 24V DC).

Contact LSC for more information about the Neptune 500kg maglock or click here for the Neptune range.

Features of the Neptune NEML500MB:

* Working Voltage 12V~24V DC
* 480mA current draw 12V DC
* Fully Monitored
* Door Status Sensor
* Holding Force 500kg
* LED Indicator
* Single Door Mag Lock
* Time Delay.

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