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Ness 4-Door/Lift Tecom Kit

Ness 4-Door/Lift Tecom Kit

♦ Ness 4-door/lift Tecom kit includes the Tecom TS1066 4-door network access controller with power supply and 4 standard Tecom readers.

According to Ness’ Tecom products manager, Andrew Zafra, flexible connection options mean the Tecom network access controller can connect directly to management software without the need for other panel hardware, as well as being able to connect to the ChallengerPlus panel for access control and intrusion capability.

“A powerful CPU ensures the Tecom TS1066 suits a range of applications, from small standalone systems through to much larger systems covering hundreds of thousands of users,” Zafra said.

“The large memory capacity allows the controller to locally store up to 250,000 users and 50,000 events. When combined with more than 10,000 flexible access groups and user-configurable override times on each door/lift, it’s suitable for even the most demanding security requirements.”

Other features of the TS1066 include dual-BUS to support Tecom RS-485 readers or expanders – OSDP v2, as well as Aperio and Salto. The controller is remote flash firmware upgradeable, has onboard ethernet, 8 outputs and supports up to 6 readers per door/lift with any in/out combination.

There’s a relay expander port, support for multiple end-of-line (EOL) resistor values, scheduled lock/unlock override times, user configurable door/lift override times, 128-bits of card data per credential, 10-digit PIN codes, and the ability to map up to 32 inputs and 16 outputs for use with ChallengerPlus panel.

Up to 100 actions can be scheduled such as lock/unlock and enable/disable, while the internal error analysis can find and repair faults avoiding unit malfunction.

Zafra said the kit includes 4 x TS0870 smart prox readers to provide secure authentication of users to the Challenger system for intrusion detection and access control.

“Unprogrammed smart cards can be used in the default unsecured mode in an IUM Challenger system,” Zafra said. “In secured mode, a smart card programmer and a special password protects against unauthorised use. The secured mode provides over 268 million combinations of passwords (4 billion passwords if the special high-security option for the smart card programmer is used).

“Challenger smart card readers can be connected directly to the Challenger panel via the RS-485 LAN for simple door/lift control, or via an intelligent access controller for comprehensive access control functionality. They can also be used to operate devices, such as photocopiers, drinks dispensers, or lighting, in exchange for programmable user credits.”

Zafra said Ness makes it easy to order with a choice of predefined kits, with options including:

* 120-311 Tecom TS1066K8DR 8D NAC inc 8 Standard Readers & Relay Card
* 120-312 Tecom TS1066KH8DR 8D NAC inc 8 HD Readers & Relay Card
* 120-313 Tecom TS1066-4K4DR 4Door NAC inc 4 Standard Tecom Readers
* 120-314 Tecom TS1066-4KH4DR 4Door NAC inc 4 HD Tecom Readers.

Contact Ness for more information about the Tecom 4-door/lift kit and the rest of the Tecom product suite.

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