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New 64-zone XR900 Wireless Control Panel from AMC


AMC’S 64-zone XR900 is a new wireless control panel distributed by LSC Security Supplies. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the XR900 boasts a sleek, compact design with user friendly functionality.

The XR900 utilises a 916Mhz bi-directional wireless system and is compatible with all existing AMC wireless and wired products, making it a versatile and flexible solution for any alarm installer.

“The XR900 is a great addition to the AMC range and is a clear sign that wireless solutions are here to stay” said David Lorimer, LSC Security Supplies product manager.

The arrival of the XR900 coincides with AMC’s one-year anniversary with LSC Security Supplies, the exclusive distributor of AMC products in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from local installers about the quality of AMC products,” Lorimer said. “The end-to-end, Italian-based production behind all AMC products has been cited by several customers as a key contributor to the durability and quality of their completed installations.”

Like all AMC products, the XR900 can be managed using the AMC Manager App, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Features of the AMC XR900 include:

* 916 MHz bidirectional
* Radio range 1 km
* PSTN on board
* Siren on board
* Batteries included
* Vectors: PSTN-IP-GPRS-3G
* Voice support
* BUS line (4 wires) RS485
* CMS multi-format.

Distributor: LSC Security Supplies
Contact: 1300 646 269
Website: www.lscsecuritysupplies.com.au



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