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New Research Suggests Triple COVID Vax Enough

After nearly 2 years of pandemic social and business disruptions, the latest research suggests triple vaccination will be enough to get things back to more or less normal, leading to a major business bounce as projects held over launch and supply chains ease.

A key indicator is that northern hemisphere health officials are now arguing against a 4th vaccination for the majority of healthy people because research and the latest empirical evidence shows an mRNA vaccine booster generates such a strong and diverse antibody response that emerging COVID variants will find it almost impossible to evade the immune system.

Another important finding is that the T-cell immune response has been found to be extremely robust over time, and researchers say it’s likely to mirror the T-cell memory of SARS corona virus, which the latest research shows remains strong 17 years after infection/vaccination.

The T and B cell response has only recently been fleshed out by research, but it appears these key immune system cells become increasingly lethal to the virus over time, with B cells more discerning at 6 months than they were at 1 month, and an immune system boosted by 3 COVID vaccinations displaying a far wider range of B cells than are expressed after 2 vaccinations.

In laboratory experiments, these antibodies were able to fend off the beta, Delta and Omicron variants. In fact, more than half of the antibodies seen one month after a third dose were able to neutralise Omicron, even though the vaccine was not designed for that variant, the study found.

“After a third dose you’re going to have a rapid response that’s going to have quite a bit of specificity for Omicron, which explains why people that have had a third dose do so much better,” said Rockefeller University immunologist, Michel Nussenzweig.

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