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NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates Released.

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates Released.

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 – According to Paula Nicholls of NIDAC, the advantages of being an Australian-based design, development and manufacturing company are shining through after significant feature updates to the Prescient DN4.

“Prescient DN4 access controller is now enhanced and offers up to 256-door capacity, with up to 64 DN4 boards networked,” Nicholls said. “Equally as impressive, user capacity has doubled from 50,000 to 100,000 users.”

Nidac Prescient 2 LR 1
NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates 4

Nicholls said using an agile and local method of development means the team at NIDAC can react to customer and market requirements in a workable time frame.

“Since its release onto the market in 2022, the DN4’s development has continued to move forward at a steady pace, with feature updates to the product and additions to the comprehensive road map for the future,” she said.

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0

For more information, a demonstration or distributor details, get in touch with the team at NIDAC via sales@nidac.com or phone 61 3 9808 6244 – you can find out more about NIDAC Prescient here, or read more SEN news here.

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates

  • Added over the air update capability
  • Automatic event archiving and management
  • Enhanced network management and performance
  • Additional event monitoringg pages for on-site operators.

“NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Feature Updates Released.”

NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates
NIDAC Prescient V1.4.0 Updates


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