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HALO 3C New Features

HALO 3C New Features Include Panic, Audio Comms, People Counting & More.

HALO 3C New Features Include Panic, Audio Comms, People Counting & More.

HALO 3C New Features – HALO 3C IoT smart sensor, now available at BGW Technologies, adds 6 new features to the popular 2C version, considerably enhancing the system’s prodigious capabilities.

The new features include a panic button, 2-way audio communications, indoor health index, emergency escape, alert lighting, motion detection and people counting, while still maintaining individual privacy.

This functionality adds to the existing security features, which include gunshot detection, noise alerts, and emergency key word alerting, and the sensor still does not use a camera or record audio for reasons of privacy.

The enhanced HALO app allows users to receive push notifications of any HALO alert, trigger a panic button, initiate or receive 2-way audio communications, and provide the indoor air quality information of the actual room being occupied.

Users can view real-time building safety and health awareness with the all-in-one HALO Smart Sensor 3C with HALO cloud application. HALO 3C app provides both a real-time air quality and health index and sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones.

It also provides critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvements are needed.

Users can trigger alerts via an external 3rd party panic button or via the HALO cloud app. The location of the trigger is associated to the HALO device in closest proximity.

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HALO 3C New Features Include Panic, Audio Comms

Users initiate 2-way audio communications with security personnel using the HALO Cloud app or directly through the device when the emergency key word alert is spoken. Location is determined based on HALO proximity.

HALO 3C comes with LED coloured lighting options that can be programmed to show escape routes for safety, such as a red, yellow, and green pattern, or different colours for different alerts, such as purple for air quality alerts, or blue for health alerts.

This clever sensor comes with the option for customized calibrated industrial sensors. With options for ozone, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. HALO 3C can address specific security or compliance needs.

HALO 3C is a surface-mount device allowing for a quick and easy installation in any location. A new port allows for 2 devices to connect on the same cable run to cut down on cabling installation costs.

According to BGW Technologies’ Peter Ha, years of Australian local experience and technical know-how across 5 branches with loads of stock and fantastic pricing make the company the perfect partner for installers and integrators wanting to explore the capabilities of the HALO 3C solution.

“HALO 3C is perfect for applications in education, stadiums, and shopping centres, with well-known detection capabilities including various gases like CO, CO2, air quality, vape, and vape THC,” Ha said.

“Added to these are HALO 3C’s new functionalities, including spoken keywords, motion detection, occupancy and people counting, and even a panic button.

“Fully integrated in Avigilon’s VMS, as well as other leading VMS solutions, and offering an all-in-one security and safety solution, without infringing people’s right to privacy, HALO is an exceptional flexible security and safety system.”

You can find out more about HALO 3C new features from BGW Technologies here, contact your local branch here, or read more SEN news here.

“HALO 3C New Features Include Panic, Audio Comms, People Counting & More.”

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