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NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID Reader

RFID indoor NIDAC PSR2 Prove Reader.”

NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID Reader For Indoor Applications.

NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID Reader – The PSR2 (Prove Standard Reader) is a RFID indoor contactless reader that’s compatible with most Wiegand input control panels, including HID 125kHz, as well as supporting NIDAC Presco and Prescient devices.

Configured for enhanced Wiegand compatibility, it’s suitable to replace and upgrade legacy Wiegand-only readers, while in Presco mode the PSR2 reader can be connected through low cost unshielded cable up to a kilometre away from the controller.

Suitable for domestic and commercial use and featuring a 20cm read range, the reader automatically senses required output type and provides audio and visual feedback for all inputs. Installers should note, the PSR2 is not compatible with pre-existing Presco installations configured in Wiegand mode.

Australian designed, manufactured and supported, each unit is factory tested and comes with a 5-year warranty. You can find out more from your local NIDAC distributor, read more about the product here, or see more SEN news here.

NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID Reader Specifications

  • Operating Voltage 9-14V DC
  • Operating Current 150 mA max
  • Operating Temp 0 to 50C
  • Read Range up to 20cm
  • Frequency 125 ± 5 kHz
  • Wiegand Output
  • Pulse width: 50ms
  • Pulse separation: 2ms
  • Dimensions 126mm x 80mm x 17.5mm
  • Weight 150g.

“NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID Reader For Indoor Applications..”

NIDAC PSR2 Prove Reader
NIDAC PSR2 Prove RFID reader is compatible with Prescient controller.


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