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NIST AI Risk Management Framework

NIST AI Risk Management Framework

♦ NIST AI Risk Management Framework – National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a second draft of its AI Risk Management Framework and seeks industry input.

NIST is seeking to create a voluntary and collaborative document, accepted within the AI community as realistic yet aspirational, that assists AI become more transparent and standards-based.

Officials at NIST also want to see a show of hands of research contractors capable of painting a detailed picture of domestic development of artificial intelligence.

The 13 areas of interest for NIST in terms of contractor input would delve into include the state of AI science, the proximity of realistic artificial general intelligence, and whether federal laws adequately address ethical and safety issues.

NIST would like to hear from the community about resources including explanatory papers, approaches to measurement and evaluation, toolkits and policies. While the framework is U.S. focused, the fact an organisation as venerable as NIST is delving into AI in this grassroots way suggests the U.S. government is seeking clarity on the way AI is being used across the country.

Comments on the framework can be sent to AIframework@nist.gov by September 29. A workshop referencing the feedback is scheduled October 18-19, while a framework playbook is in draft form.

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