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HomeNewsNorman Confirms Dahua Bullet Meets IP67

Norman Confirms Dahua Bullet Meets IP67

Norman Confirms Dahua Bullet Meets IP67

♦ Norman confirms Dahua bullet meets IP67 – Tavcom test target Norman confirms the Dahua bullet camera supporting the company’s 4G solar array meets IP67 ratings.

At around 2am during a recent rural camera test, with wind gusts of up to 100km per hour, Norman was blown over the Keirstone fence and into the graveyard of St Peters Church.

“The rain was going sideways at the camera and it didn’t miss a beat,” said Norman. “I could see the little infrared lights on the fascia glowing as I blew away.”

Norman said while the Dahua camera had performed well, he’d also been impressed with his own IP ratings, observed after spending half the night under 3 inches of water at the graveside of Lenny Webb.

“I’d rate myself IP68 – protected against long periods of immersion under pressure,” said a shivering Norman. “I’m not so satisfied with my IK ratings, however. Being honest, I’d rate myself IK00 but perhaps that’s harsh, considering there was barbed wire and a Gallagher animal management fence involved.

“While testing the Dahua solar camera during an East Coast Low weather system was challenging, with nearly 100mm of rain and early morning temperatures down to minus 7C, it’s good to be back in front of the camera,” Norman said, reaching for the gaffer tape.

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