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NSW Government Promises Businesses $5 Million Worth of New CCTV Cameras


IF it wins the next election, the NSW Government has promised to install $A5 million worth of CCTV in 1000 locations under a 4-year grant scheme. Government and police will own the footage and determine who can access it.

Small businesses and community organisations will be eligible to apply for up to $5000 in funding for the installation of CCTV, with the programmed to be trialled in 10 western and south-western council areas, including Parramatta, Liverpool and Camden.

“It’s a start,” said NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian. “We want to see how it goes and to see the feedback the police give us as to how successful it is and if it is, expand it to other areas.”

NSW Police and the NSW Department of Justice will assess the applications and determine the best locations for the cameras, with storage for 12-24 months.

According to Police assistant commissioner Peter Thurtell said CCTV is “essential”.

“It’s good security for businesses, a deterrent for offenders and it assists us in investigations from minor to major crimes,” Thurtell said.
“CCTV allows us to tap into a network which provides us with intelligence about the things that are happening in our area and the type of people committing crime in the area.”

There are some interesting takeaways to this programme. Firstly, CCTV as a crime prevention device is becoming a political device. Secondly, police buy-in to CCTV systems as an investigative tool and a support for convictions now stretches from police stations right through to the highest levels. And thirdly, NSW Police and the Justice Dept would be funding CCTV solutions and managing recordings.


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