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NSW Police Seeks Holster Video

NSW Police Seeks Holster Video

♦ NSW Police Seeks Holster Video – NSW Police has gone to tender for body worn video offering firearm and taser holster activation.

Around $A96.3 million has been allocated the connected officer program over the next 12 months to create fully integrated digital devices that increase connectivity between police vehicles and command posts, and activation of body-worn video when Glock pistols and Tasers are used. This means body cams will start recording automatically via a sensor connected to the weapon, rather than the cameras being manually triggered by officers.

Fujitsu/M-View BWV was implemented 4 years ago to improve evidence gathering and to encourage good behaviour from officers. In 2021 there were 5217 body worn cameras deployed by NSW Police. Currently the cameras rely on officers manually activating recordings during interactions with the public and provide 30-seconds pre-recording of vision prior to the record button being pushed.

The platform will also integrate with an officer’s Samsung MobiPol mobile device to send data that the other connected devices have created, as well as receive alerts and other information, such as biometric data of a person of interest from central command.

“In the course of responding to an incident, the officer draws his/her CEW [taser] or sidearm,” said NSW Police tender documents. “This action should trigger the BWV camera, which starts recording the incident, noting the camera current has a non-audio pre-record feature. This should also trigger other alerts (back to base, or to other configurable persons/systems).”

The current tender closes on September 30 – you can find out more here.


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