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Nx Witness Protects Australia Fair

NX Witness Protects Australia Fair

♦ Nx Witness protects Australia Fair – Nx Witness VMS is protecting the Australia Fair shopping mall in support of 250 HD cameras.

Australia Fair Shopping Centre is a dual-level shopping centre covering 59,540sqm at Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The centre incorporates a 5-level office tower comprising 5824 square metres of office space, housing specialist services and commercial offices.

Before the upgrade, Australia Fair security staff were not able to monitor camera health and status across the site but Nx Witness VMS now allows the customer to easily manage and monitor in-camera analytics, custom camera ID and undertake archive integrity checks across the site for redundancy, reliability, and connectivity.

Nx Witness VMS is a cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras so operators and managers can monitor, analyze and react to critical events in real-time locally or via cloud, using workstations or mobile devices.

According to integrator MGTS, Nx Witness VMS was easily integrated with the existing infrastructure and network configuration.

“The installation team loves using Nx Witness because it makes the lives of technicians/estimators/managers easier,” MGTS said.

From the point of view of the end user, the benefits of Nx Witness include ease of use and situational awareness.

“Operators and managers appreciate the user-friendly interface and the instantaneous notifications whenever a fault occurs,” said Australia Fair. “Nx Witness really streamlines the monitoring of this large shopping centre.”

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