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NZ Government Seeks Security Sector Professional Development Programme

NZ’s Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet seeks provision of a professional development course tailored to enhance the country’s national security mechanisms, with a focus on strategy, risk management, situational awareness and a proactive response to challenges in real time.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is a mid-sized agency of eight business units, with approximately 275 staff in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, with a role as the trusted advisor, leader, and steward of NZ’s system of executive government.

Its purpose is to advance an ambitious, resilient and well-governed Aotearoa New Zealand. The strategic outcomes of this purpose are:

Outcome 1: The Government is enabled to deliver its priorities
Outcome 2: Aotearoa New Zealand’s systems and institutions of executive government are trusted, effective and enhance our nation’s reputation
Outcome 3: People living in Aotearoa New Zealand are, and feel, resilient, safe and secure.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet said one of the most important responsibilities of any government is to ensure the security and territorial integrity of the nation, including protecting the institutions that sustain confidence, good governance, and prosperity.

In order that this responsibility can be discharged, a government requires its national security machinery to be well-led, strategically focused, co-ordinated, cost-effective, accountable, geared to risk management, and responsive to any challenges that arise and to the needs of ministers.

To achieve the expectations of Government,  Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is looking for an experienced supplier which can deliver a high-quality national security sector professional development programme to government officials that underpins New Zealand’s national security system.

According to the department, this will be a unique opportunity for a supplier to enhance its brand by working alongside the government national security sector. There will also be opportunities for the selected supplier to leverage off this programme and the department is open to consideration on how this could be achieved.

This tender closes on May 4 – you can find out more here.




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