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Optex FlipX Advanced PIR

Optex FlipX Advanced PIR Sensor For Grade 3 Applications From DAS.

Optex FlipX Advanced PIR Sensor For Grade 3 Applications From DAS.

Optex FlipX Advanced PIR – Part of the latest Optex indoor range, the FlipX Advanced (FLX-A-AM and FLX-A-DAM) uses passive infrared technology (PIR) to detect intruders based on temperature changes in its environment with a detection area of up to 24m.

Optex FlipX Advanced PIR

FlipX Advanced sensors provide the ability to create 2 types of detection areas – wide (up to 18m), and narrow (up to 24m), with a single sensor. This is especially useful for high security sites to protect large, vulnerable entry points such as windows by creating a narrow corridor detection zone for that specific area.

Despite the flexibility of its performance,Optex FlipX Advanced PIR outperforms other standard PIR sensors thanks to an innovative pyroelectric sensor and higher sensitivity settings. The bespoke pyro sensor features our human catch element which creates human sized detection areas, meaning that only genuine threats trigger alarms, and nuisance alarms caused by small animals or weather changes are ignored.

Aritech FlipX Advanced PIR 2.jpg LR
Optex FlipX Advanced PIR 4

Furthermore, the sensitivity settings mean that depending on the temperature or the level of risk, the sensor can be configured to be more sensitive to temperature changes. This is what ensures that even on a hot day (30-40C degrees), the FlipX Advanced will still function with accuracy and alert to intrusions even if the environmental temperature is that of a human.

When it comes to withstanding attempts to tamper, mask or damage the sensor, FlipX Advanced excels in this area with 2 independent anti-masking functions to ensure the highest level of reliability. One function is on the lens while the other on the microwave module, meaning that no matter if only one part or the whole sensor is covered, it will trigger an alert. Any attempts to damage, switch off, cut wires or rotate the sensor will also be detected and reported.

According to Optex, Grade 3 sensors offer the highest and most reliable level of security due to their ability to withstand experienced intruders and their innovative features allow for a higher level of security.

You can read more about Aritech sensors here, or read more SEN news here.

Optex FlipX Advanced PIR Features:

  • FLX-S-DT FlipX Standard indoor PIR with dual technology
  • Indoor dual-tech PIR, Grade 2, with rotatable lens with 12m 85-degree wide detection or 18m narrow detection
  • Hardwired indoor dual-technology (PIR + microwave) with rotatable lens
  • Superior pet tolerance with new pyroelectric element
  • Tough MOD 2 for higher capture rate.

“Optex FlipX Advanced PIR Sensor For Grade 3 Applications.”

Aritech FlipX Advanced PIR
Optex FlipX Advanced PIR 5



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