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Optic Team CCTV Training

Optic Team CCTV Training Course Launched.

Optic Team CCTV Training Course Launched.

Optic Team CCTV Training – Ground-breaking new CCTV training courses have been launched for Optic Security Group staff in ANZ.

Developed by internationally renowned CCTV expert, Vlado Damjanovski, the course will be delivered over coming months in a series of live lecture sessions via Microsoft Teams, with content and tests hosted on the KnowBe4 training platform.

Course modules will cover 8 topics, including light, lenses, cameras, pixel densities and calculations, compression, networking, transmission and storage, and the AS/NZS 62676 Standard.

Damjanovski, who last August joined Optic as an Adelaide-based business development manager, is well known in Australia and internationally for his decades of pioneering work at the forefront of CCTV research, system design, product development, and implementation. Damjanovski is the author of several authoritative books on video surveillance, including From Light to Intelligent Pixels, upon which the new training course is based.

“Our teams will be more up to date with the latest standards and technologies,” Damjanovski said of the new course. “Modules are designed to fill gaps in candidates’ understanding of the complexities of CCTV technologies, such as rapidly changing AI technology.

Optic Team CCTV Training Course Launched

Optic Team CCTV Training 4.jpg LR
Optic Team CCTV training.

“Compression, for example, is a topic that is not clearly understood by many. It’s very important to understand it because then it’s much easier to build a system that achieves superior clarity.”

Optic Security Group prides itself as a knowledge-based organisation, according to Mark Lloyd, Optic’s group sales director.

“Vlado’s pioneering career reflects a thirst for knowledge and both a motivation and aptitude to share this knowledge, to educate, and to harness learnings to contribute to the evolution and standardisation of emerging security technologies, and his achievements give us all something to aspire to,” Lloyd said.

As chairman of the CCTV Standards sub-committee of Australia and New Zealand, Damjanovski made a significant contribution to the creation of Australian and New Zealand CCTV standards AS 4806 series and he has also worked closely with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) WG12 in creating the Digital CCTV Standards IEC 62676.

Damjanovski holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from the Macedonian University Kiril i Metodij. His 1982 thesis focused on CCD cameras a decade before they became commercially available.

Damjanovski created one of the world’s first digital CCTV system designs for the Star City Casino in 1997 and developed a CCTV test chart and the programmable test pattern generator. He has more recently been involved in the development of camera image analysis software.

You can find out more about Optic Security Group here or read more SEN news here.

“Optic Team CCTV Training Course Launched.”

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Optic Team CCTV training launched.


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