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PalGate App-Controlled Gate Management Provides Complete Control For Gates & Doors

PALGATE is an innovative next generation gate management system providing complete control for gates, doors and anything switchable.

Any access point with an electric latch and/or a motor – PalGate can work with it. PalGate devices are highly secure, cloud-based Access Control systems which can be managed via a free App and/or the cloud.

PalGate allows gate manufacturers, installers or end users with one or multiple gates the ability to control many scenarios including gate position, user permission, access scheduling and grouping of users. Log into the Web interface and a new world of control is yours. View all your gates on a map, check remote battery, voltage and signal status. The database allows you to search by: customer, device, serial number, remote/label/tag, location, phone, etc.

Features include GSM control, long range RFID, smart remotes, wireless ground loop and bluetooth connectivity – PalGate puts complete gate control in the palm of your hand.

Distributor: PalGate Australia
Contact: 03 8545 9888

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