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Auckland Transport Seeks BT Video Management System to Manage 8000 Cameras

AUCKLAND Transport is seeking a BT video management system capable of managing an 8000-camera video surveillance solution.

A key aspect of this application is that AT’s CCTV solution will soon be used by other external agencies such as Auckland Council, Police and Fire Services and scaled to manage 8000 cameras over 5 years. The VMS that supports this platform must be stable, deliver highly availability and be secure to enable the continuation of CCTV initiatives for AT and other agencies.

AT is currently supporting 2 VMS applications and wishes to consolidate to 1 VMS to simplify the support, configuration and management of the CCTV platform. AT requires a new and proven VMS that can integrate with AT’s existing CCTV solution: Vidsys (user interface for CCTV) and Media Server v12 (data analytics for CCTV).

AT is responsible for the Auckland Region’s transport infrastructure (excluding state highways and railway tracks) and public transport. It designs, builds and maintains roads, ferry wharves, cycleways and walkways; co-ordinates road safety and community transport initiatives; and it plans, co-ordinates and funds bus, train and ferry services. It is the largest of the council’s organisations, with more than 1700 staff.

This tender will close on Friday, 8 March 2019, at 12pm. Contact Patricia Perea procurement@at.govt.nz for more information.


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