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New Paradox MG5050+ From CSD

Paradox MG5050+ From CSD Released.

Paradox MG5050+ From CSD Released.

Paradox MG5050+ from CSD – CSD has released the Paradox MG5050+ which replaces the MG5050 and adds some enhancements.

According to CSD, the biggest change is that the new MG5050+ is a 32-zone hybrid control panel with an in-built 433MHz transceiver. It also has 8 on-board hardwired zones with zone doubling to 16 zones.

Another neat addition is an increased baud rate of 115200 over the serial channel. For T4000 users, this means quicker Upload/Download over the serial path. A single configuration change in the settings of the T4000 is all that is required to access the enhanced functionality.

Paradox MG5050+ From CSD Released

Paradox MG5050+ is M2 2-way FSK hardware ready, has 2 partitions, and supports 32 users and 32 remotes. The 4-wire communication bus connects up to 15 modules and the system supports IP and cellular IP reporting. The MG5050+ also supports 16 PGMs, any of which can be wireless.

Paradox MG5050+ From CSD

There’s Insite Gold app, menu-driven programming for installer, master and maintenance codes, multiple telephone numbers for event reporting, StayD mode, sleep arming method, RF jamming supervision, and a 512-event buffer.

Contact Central Security Distribution for more information, click here to learn more, or read more SEN news here.

Paradox MG5050+ From CSD Features

  • 8 zones with zone doubling to 16
  • Expands to max 32 zones
  • Loaded with CSD default settings
  • Insite Gold app
  • 2nd Serial Port for backup IP reporting to a Monitoring Station
  • Greater AUX output current of 1000mA when used with CSD-T1630S-T
  • Normal AUX output current of 600mA when used with CSD-T1615S-T
  • Larger event memory of 512 events.

“Paradox MG5050+ From CSD Released.”

Paradox MG5050 From CSD 2 LR
Paradox MG5050+ rrom CSD released.


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